Retail pharmacies are continually seeking ways to minimize the costly impact of potential pharmacy audits. As third parties have a responsibility to help manage program costs for health plans and prevent exposure to fraud, waste and abuse, there are a number of common pharmacy audit triggers that are constantly monitored by these organizations.

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Pharmacy audits are not only costly financially, with the average audit loss in the thousands of dollars per year, but they are also costly in terms of time and resources. The average pharmacy might be a target for an audit a handful of times a year and will spend several hours preparing for each one - a significant cost for something that does not help your business grow.

Our RelayRx™ Audit Intervention Service can help protect your pharmacy from common audit-triggering claims transactions at the point of dispense—helping to proactively mitigate audit risk and to save your pharmacy valuable time and money. RelayHealth offers a host of other audit risk and mitigation services including services to validate DEA prescriptive authority and to monitor for OIG excluded prescribers.

Features of Audit Intervention Service:
  • Real-time notifications at point of dispense
  • Seamlessly works with all pharmacy systems
We can help:
  • Reduce common pharmacy audit triggers and reimbursement chargebacks
  • Protect pharmacy revenue and material costs with accurate patient co-pays