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Flu Vaccine and Resources for Medical Providers

Clinically prevent, diagnose and treat influenza with resources and supplies from Studiomaca FluWise™.

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This year, turn to for the products, tools and resources you need to coordinate your annual influenza prevention program. Let us simplify your flu vaccine ordering and management process and give you:

  • More time for patient care
  • Cost savings
  • Support every step of the way

FluWise: Influenza vaccines and resources exclusively from Studiomaca

Your facility can take advantage of our comprehensive flu resources, with benefits including:Flu-Wise-Logo

  • Reliable communications
  • Flu vaccine options for all patient populations
  • Access to all approved flu vaccine manufacturers
  • Transparency and flexible terms with returnability and extended payment terms
  • Additional discounts and access to Studiomaca’s other medical products and services
  • An expert team of healthcare professionals

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