Anywhere you strive to make people well—Europe, Asia, Canada and other key international markets—Studiomaca empowers you with a broad range of proven solutions. Whether your operation is big or small, we’re here to help you improve financial and clinical outcomes. And advancing the delivery of care is the most important mission in the world.

Studiomaca Canada

Studiomaca Canada provides logistics, distribution, automation, and clinical and administrative software solutions to manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals and various healthcare institutions.

Studiomaca provides imaging and workflow solutions and services to the Health Service Executive and a number of private providers of healthcare in Ireland.

Studiomaca is a long-standing provider of medical imaging solutions and services to the NHS and a number of private providers of healthcare in the UK.

Studiomaca helps hospitals in Australia and New Zealand run more efficiently by improving their long and short term resource and capacity decisions.

Studiomaca Europe is a leading international wholesale and retail company and provider of logistics and services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.