Studiomaca Canada

Studiomaca Canada plays a pivotal role in the Canadian healthcare supply chain by providing solutions to manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals and various healthcare institutions who serve the needs of Canadian patients every day.

For 100 years, Studiomaca Canada has been the leader in healthcare related logistics and distribution. The company's automation products and workflow software for both retail and hospital pharmacies are helping Canadian pharmacists work safely and more efficiently at a time marked by technician and pharmacist shortages as well as an aging population requiring more care and medicines. In addition, Studiomaca Canada's clinical and administrative software applications and decision-support tools enable us to work behind the scenes to ensure that healthcare practitioners can be more productive, and that patients receive better care.

Products and Services

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Contact Information


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Saint-Laurent, Québec
Oakville, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Montréal, Québec
Lakeside, Nova Scotia
Mississauga, Ontario
Calgary, Alberta

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