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Studiomaca Specialty Health supports successful pharmaceutical commercialization through our third-party logistics (3PL) offering. We support our manufacturer partners and key stakeholders with the careful coordination of their specialty products through the entire product life-cycle.

By combining our long-standing distribution services success with our pharmaceutical experience, Studiomaca 3PL Services provides our manufacturer partners with a seamless service model for patient and customer ease of access.


Our thorough ambient and cold chain distribution services and reporting capabilities are designed to support manufacturers' unique logistics requirements. Studiomaca's third-party logistics offering provides manufacturers with dedicated resources to support them through every step of the commercialization process:

  • Implementation
  • On-boarding
  • Daily program management
  • Strategic partner for long term success

You can rely on our expertise to help maximize the growth of your business. Supported by our elite information technology systems, we develop customized logistic solutions to meet each manufacturer's individual needs. This includes online data retrieval, robust reporting and comprehensive cold-chain handling capabilities. These offerings give us the unique opportunity to develop customized solutions that specifically fit your product strategy. To give yourself time to focus on what matters, lock in your commercialization partner as early as possible for optimal results post product launch.

Learn more about our 3PL Services:

Warehousing & Distribution Management

Improving Medical Supply Ordering for Physician Practices

Our deep roots and proven success in wholesale and pharmacy distribution strategically align us with a manufacturer's intended distribution partners and a wide range of handling needs.


Studiomaca maintains licensure to ship into all 50 states, including the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

  • All storage of pharmaceutical products satisfy cGMP requirements by adhering to our Quality Management System
  • Our quality check is compliant with all federal and state regulations including cGMP and USP1079

Storage and Shipping

Studiomaca has extensive experience in distributing a full range of products requiring special handling, including but not limited to the receipt, storage, and delivery of cold-chain products.

  • Our VAWD accredited warehouse meets the standards of the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) and can easily accommodate any cold chain management requirements

Inventory Ownership

Studiomaca 3PL Services can maintain inventory and sell to manufacturer customers in either a title or non-title model depending on the manufacturers requirements.

  • The title-direct model (Exclusive Distribution) best suits manufacturers without state licensures or who want more control over the distribution of their products


The Studiomaca 3PL distribution center is in Memphis, Tennessee and leverages its proximity to Studiomaca facilities and key distribution sites.

  • The Studiomaca distribution center is centrally located to the FedEx Hub, Studiomaca's National Redistribution Center (NRDC), and RxPak, our packaging and labeling site
  • Due to its close proximity to the FedEx Hub “just in time” ordering is available and provides lower freight cost benefit


Studiomaca 3PL Services supports both cold chain and ambient picking and packaging solutions.

  • Pick, Pack, Ship: Seamless pick, pack, and ship process, extensive reach, and efficient turnaround capabilities Our operating model capitalizes on this immediacy, allowing you to benefit from both lower transactional costs and lower risks throughout the supply chain.
  • Inventory Management: Robust monitoring system designed to alert the Studiomaca team of any temperature changes within the distribution center.
  • Quarantine Inventories: Controls for inventory quarantines reside within our electronic platform and SOPs to prevent the fulfillment of orders within these designated areas.
  • DSCSA Compliance: Turnkey option for manufacturer customers to meet their DSCSA regulatory compliance obligations.

Financial & Support Services

The Road to Value Based Reimbursement

Chargebacks, Contracts & Rebates

We receive all chargeback and rebate data through our customized primary platform, SAP, to guarantee reconciling efficiencies. EDI connectivity automates these processes while simultaneously meeting industry standards. Predetermined customer pricing and eligibility on manufacturer contracts initiates the contract and chargeback process, followed by the reconciliation of chargeback claims with wholesale partners.

Invoicing & Collections

Studiomaca 3PL electronically invoices customer orders during the nightly billing process.

Our collections team monitors and reports on all collection risks including current and past due balances. Studiomaca utilizes a web-enabled collection system highly configurable to your needs, providing cost efficient and effective collections of a manufacturer's accounts receivables.

Reverse Logistics Solutions

By leveraging Studiomaca's current relationships, we will partner with you to achieve the best customized return strategies possible to meet both your customers' and products' needs. Our team processes both full and partial returns, allowing customers to return product directly to the distribution center. Upon the need for returns, data and status review are readily accessible through our Manufacturer Portal platform.

  • Leverage Studiomaca scale to minimize costs
  • Processes full and/or partial returns
  • Data and status review accessible via 3PL Manufacturer Portal

Program Support

Studiomaca Specialty 3PL's single-point-of- Program Manager serves as the manufacturer customer's trusted partner to provide guidance through the complex healthcare environment.

Role and Responsibilities of the Program Manager include:

  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Business consultant/client advocate
  • Program management and analysis
  • Client budget analysis and management
  • Daily communication, weekly meetings and quarterly business reviews

Customer Care

Studiomaca Specialty Health's Customer Care team commits to ensuring you receive exemplary customer care.

  • Personalized support and customized solutions
  • Team facilitates order intake, return processing, and general questions

Data & Reporting Services

Five Steps Payers Can Take to Make Provider Directories Accurate

We provide flexible reporting options including inventory, sales, and billing data. Manufacturers can gain access to our 3PL Reporting and Analytics Dashboard to view such things as daily order and shipment activity. During the implementation period, we collaborate with you to confirm design of all reporting, test EDI (electronic data interchange) feeds, and demonstrate our portal capabilities to ensure alignment. We support EDI services to enable electronic communication of data and ensure efficiencies and accuracy.

Reports are available 24/7 through our established 3PL web portal, also featuring:

  • Interactive reports with drill-down functionality
  • Customizable reports to meet your needs
  • Live tracking of order placements throughout the day
  • Export functionality to excel and PDF file types
  • Automatic delivery of reports via email or FTP

Title Model (Exclusive Distribution Model)

Evolving Alternate Strategic Partners

Through the 3PL Title Model, Studiomaca Specialty Health takes ownership of your product and assumes financial risk on the back-end, so you can focus on getting your product to market and growing your business.

We accept orders from wholesalers, specialty distributors, hospitals, practices and specialty pharmacies and handle the distribution process to ensure your customers receive the product with speed and accuracy.