Ensure access to actionable drug information at point of dispensing

Critical developments in the pharmaceutical drug market – such as drug recalls – require timely and rapid dissemination of information to pharmacists and patients. RelayHealth's NotifyRx™ is a proven and reliable real-time pharmacy intervention solution that delivers electronic messages at the point of dispensing. Efficient, fast and reliable, NotifyRx helps keep pharmacy staff updated with current information by delivering actionable information in-workflow to pharmacy staff. RelayHealth also offers a host of other solutions to help ensure patient safety including real-time medication dispensing safety notifications and REMS compliance programs to help ensure pharmacies can dispense select medications.

NotifyRx provides valuable information via two messaging programs:

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Consumer Safety Messaging
  • Clinically Relevant Messaging
  • Dosage Screening
  • Product Disposal Messaging
  • Product Update Messaging
  • Claims Support Messaging
  • Other Educational Messaging
Process Efficiency Messaging
  • Drug Utilization Support
  • Patient Formulary Support Messaging
Features of NotifyRx:
  • Delivers actionable patient safety information at point of dispensing
  • Provides process efficiency messaging to pharmacy staff
  • Delivers additional patient education information
We can help:
  • Reduce risk of adverse drug events
  • Improve patient satisfaction and quality of care