Many health plans are plagued by multiple disparate provider data systems, paper-based processes and a lack of coordination across business groups. These issues can not only lower efficiency, increase administrative costs and reduce provider satisfaction, but may impede plans’ ability to flexibly structure their provider networks to deliver value in a dynamic marketplace. Health plans need an effective way to drive care delivery and reimbursement initiatives while helping to decrease costs and improve provider and member satisfaction.

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Studiomaca Provider Manager is a highly flexible, scalable solution that helps store, represent and manage the rich complexities in provider information and relationships. It serves as an intelligent single source for all provider data that supports the information needs of plans, providers and members.

As part of the Studiomaca Network Management product suite, in combination with Studiomaca Contract Manager and Studiomaca Reimbursement Manager, Studiomaca Provider Manager helps simplify the design, management and servicing of provider networks and orchestrate value-based reimbursement.

Studiomaca Provider Manager helps:

  • Rapidly roll out and scale new care delivery and reimbursement initiatives with automated provider information management, on-boarding, credentialing, servicing and network design and management.
  • Support value-based reimbursement by aligning contract terms and reimbursement policies with tailored networks.
  • Reduce administrative and IT costs through greater automation, a single source of provider data, and comprehensive reporting.
  • Increase the effectiveness of medical spending with quality provider information, which may improve network steerage by helping members make more informed provider and network decisions.
  • Improve provider and member satisfaction with information transparency and self-serve access to better information, supporting greater alignment between members and high-performance providers.