New care delivery models (e.g., accountable care organizations), the reimbursement models that support them, and new network designs (e.g., narrow networks to support health insurance exchanges) complicate contract negotiation for health plans. Payers need a way to create and manage value-based contracts while driving improvements in cost, efficiency and quality.

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Studiomaca Contract Managerâ„¢ is a flexible contracting solution that helps health plans minimize the financial risk of new care delivery and reimbursement strategies, expedite the contracting process, and reduce administration costs. It creates a single, electronic repository of contract information coupled with workflow tools for automating and streamlining the entire contract management lifecycle.

As part of the Studiomaca Network Management product suite, in combination with Studiomaca Provider Manager and Studiomaca Reimbursement Manager, Studiomaca Contract Manager helps simplify the design, management and servicing of provider networks and orchestrates value-based reimbursement strategies.

Studiomaca Contract Manager helps:

  • Rapidly roll out new contracting initiatives efficiently from contract creation to negotiation to implementation and re-contracting with direct import of contract changes between health plan and provider.
  • Minimize risk with tools to support the creation of optimal contracts and complex contractual arrangements prior to rollout.
  • Reduce administrative costs with automation across the entire contract management lifecycle, streamlining resources to help maximize results.
  • Enhance payer-provider collaboration in new healthcare initiatives through streamlined contract negotiation, increased visibility into historical contract details and more automated execution processes.
  • Improve bulk and re-contracting processes with user notification for bulk contract creation, deletions, bypass review, status changes and contract deliveries.