Integrate Custom Care Planning Guidelines

As an InterQual™ customer, one of your goals is to help your organization achieve the best care decisions for members and other stakeholders. You probably have invested in developing your own guidelines to address your specific organizational requirements.

Within our CareEnhance® Review Manager software, the Custom Criteria Utility (CCU) combines the best of both worlds: it leverages InterQual Care Planning Criteria and readily incorporates all of the clinical content your organization needs – InterQual Criteria plus regional or your own guidelines – into a single workflow.


  • Integrated workflow—provides an easy-to-use editing environment that allows authoring of custom criteria and enables merging them seamlessly into workflow.
  • Consistent reporting—Review Manager reports on the use of custom criteria in exactly the same way as for InterQual Criteria.
  • Secure authorship—only the author can customize criteria, even when those criteria are shared with other organizations.