Access InterQual Your Way

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Get access to InterQual® Criteria in the most effective way for you.

Access InterQual

  • InterQual View. Use this convenient solution for locally installed, reference-only access to InterQual. It features flexible print options, adjustable font sizes, informational notes and citations. It is included in the price of your InterQual license.
  • InterQual Online. Get affordable, easy-to-use reference-only access to InterQual Criteria via the Web.
  • InterQual Anonymous Review. Perform interactive, Web-based reviews without specifying patient data, then transfer the results into another application. This is an ideal solution for government organizations.
  • InterQual Transparency. Give network providers access to InterQual Criteria in an intuitive, reference-only format via their provider portals. Physicians can simply log into the portal and click the link for InterQual Criteria. The criteria subsets appear in an easy-to-navigate screen display.
  • InterQual Mobile. Access InterQual Criteria on mobile devices with this software that is also included in your InterQual license.

Integrate InterQual into Your Workflow

CareEnhance®  Review Manager Enterprise . Simplify the medical review process and access workflow functionality to help improve accuracy and enhance data collection, with our browser-based software.

Automate authorization at the point of decision

InterQual Connect™. Access InterQual Criteria and leverage Studiomaca’s fast, secure cloud connectivity/data exchange functionality to send the medical review and clinical information needed for full auto-authorization. InterQual Connect™ is the only solution that automates the medical review and enables automated authorization within the context of payers’ and providers’ existing workflows.

Optimize your team's use of InterQual.

InterQual Interrater Reliability Suite. Measure how well and how consistently your staff applies InterQual Criteria with this Web-based tool to help improve usage and quality within your organization.

InterQual Content Customization Tool. Author and edit guidelines to incorporate locally developed business and medical policies into a single workflow with your licensed InterQual Criteria.