Choose the InterQual access solution that is best for you

We offer a range of InterQual access options for payers and providers from the simple view to an interactive medical review or mobile access.

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Automate authorization at the point of decision

InterQual Connect™ enables the automation of the authorization process within existing workflows to help reduce unnecessary prior authorization costs and hassle while helping to improve payer-provider collaboration. Our solution integrates with existing payer and provider CM/UM applications to help streamline the authorization process.

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Get better control of your molecular diagnostic costs

Our solutions help health plans better manage the explosion in number and cost of molecular diagnostics (MDx). Get control of your MDx testing with unique identification and policy management from the DEX™ Diagnostics Exchange, and help determine medical necessity with InterQual Criteria for MDx .

Optimize your team’s use of InterQual

  • InterQual Interrater Reliability Suite. Measure how well and how consistently your staff applies InterQual Criteria with this Web-based tool to help improve usage and quality within your organization.
  • InterQual Content Customization Tool. Author and edit guidelines to incorporate locally developed business and medical policies into a single workflow with your licensed InterQual Criteria.