Support for Your Success

We provide implementation, education and consulting services to help your team make the most of the Decision Management solutions you use. Our dedicated team of clinical, technical and implementation experts is available to help your team at every stage of using our products.

Get started: Implementation

Benefit from expert knowledge and guidance at the very start. We provide a dedicated team of technical consultants, clinical consultants and project managers to help you get started with our software solutions. Implementation services are provided for CareEnhance® Review Manager and InterQual Connect™.

Grow your team’s proficiency: Education

The best clinical decisions are made by confident and knowledgeable staff. Our clinical educational consultants can help meet your staff development needs with rigorous and effective InterQual® Criteria training options. All of our clinical educational consultants are qualified Registered Nurses with experience in case management and utilization management. Your team will access all programs via InterQual Learning Source, our Web-based education platform.

InterQual Learning Basics

Flexible and on-demand introductory training on InterQual Criteria and our software solutions. These entry level modules help you get started with our products and prepare new users for implementation and education programs.

End-User Education–Introductory and Annual

Live training sessions with a clinical educational consultant who assesses your team’s strengths and needs with the end goal of improving their usage and outcomes with InterQual.

Physician Education

Training on InterQual designed by and for physicians with a provider focus on common questions and case studies.

InterQual Expert Resource Program

An advanced-level program that creates internal client experts and gives clinical participants the knowledge and resources they need to more fully leverage InterQual products within your organization.

InterQual Certified Instructor Program

A “train-the-trainer” program that provides qualified clinical instructor candidates with the knowledge and materials to train others within their organization

Improve your outcomes: Consulting

Our professional consulting services can help you get the greatest value from your InterQual Criteria and Decision Management technology. Through analysis and direct observation, we can help you optimize product performance, improve business processes, identify strategic opportunities and expand or develop new medical management programs and capabilities.

Facilitate and assess technology adoption and impact with InterQual Interrater Reliability Suite, a Web-based testing application that reports how well and how consistently your staff applies InterQual Criteria. InterQual Interrater Reliability Suite helps you improve consistency across your organization.