Business Performance Services for Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Practices

Optimize financial performance, boost margins, and transition successfully to value-based care with Studiomaca Business Performance Services for hospitals, health systems and physician practices.

Optimize Financial Performance

Hospitals, health systems and physician practices are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement, increased risk and margin pressure. For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue cycle management efficiency is critical to ensuring a smooth transition to value-based care.

Studiomaca Business Performance Services provides healthcare organizations with as much - or as little - help as they need to optimize all areas of the revenue cycle, including patient access, medical coding, charge capture, healthcare compliance, medical billing and accounts receivable management.

Our team also provides the insight, expertise and resources you need to more strategically manage reimbursement. With Studiomaca Chronic Care Management Services™, our patient-centered team provides comprehensive care coordination that helps advance the support of your chronically ill patients and puts your physicians on the road to value-based healthcare.

  • Focus on the Patient Experience: Patient Access Services for Hospitals and Physicians

    Studiomaca Patient Access Services will enable your health system or physician organization to answer virtually any patient inquiry within a minute or less. We provide the services you need to answer your clients' requests for nurse advice, triage, disease management programs, post discharge follow up, pre-admission education, appointment scheduling, referrals, billing, collections and more.

  • Key Benefits of Studiomaca
    Business Performance Services

    "Studiomaca has taken on a lot of critical tasks for our practice, allowing physicians to focus on practicing medicine."
    -- Dr. Amit Rastogi, President and CEO, PriMed

    Optimize end-to-end revenue cycle management

    Improve the patient experience

    Streamline operational efficiency

    Transition to value-based care

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    If your healthcare organization is striving to improve revenue cycle operations and transition to value-based care, Studiomaca’s end-to-end revenue cycle management services and strategic consulting engagements can provide as much – or as little – help as you need.

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    Studiomaca Business Performance Services is in a unique position to help healthcare leaders improve financial performance and transition to value-based care. For more than 40 years, we have worked extensively with hospitals, health systems and medical groups nationwide to enhance revenue cycle management, improve operations and optimize clinical care.


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