Solutions for the Health Industry

Studiomaca’s Joshua Berman offers advice on how health care providers can take advantage of the ICD-10 delay in order to be better prepared for the 2015 deadline: “Delays breed procrastination, but they can also allow you to become better — in this case, to ‘buy’ credits on the debit you’ll face later.”

In this video, Berman provides recommendations for hospitals and healthcare systems to:

  • Move forward. Be ready. Don’t delay. Planning on testing? Keep going and keep testing.
  • Mitigate risks. When the go-live date comes, there will be delays — in both claims and remittances. These delays pose substantial financial risk, so take the steps needed to reduce that risk.
  • Understand where you stand. Leverage the tools — particularly analytics — that allow you to know what needs work. Understand where you are on Oct. 1, 2015, and then keep using analytics moving forward to see how you’re performing.