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Photo - Fireside ChatBetween 1933 and 1934, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt conducted "intimate and direct communication between the president and the citizens of the United States"1 through a series of 30 radio chats. These "fireside chats" are still famous for their success in helping ease Americans through the Great Depression, a time of unprecedented economic change for our country.

Currently, the healthcare industry is also in a significant time of change, and we are looking to each other for support and advice. To help navigate these challenges, Studiomaca has scheduled a panel of our industry experts for a series of Expert Chats at HIMSS14 on today's hot healthcare topics, including population health, HIE, accountable care, big data enterprise analytics and demand forecasting. Studiomaca has a unique hands-on understanding of healthcare from every sector to help healthcare organizations and networks (HCONs) to navigate the healthcare transformation journey. Our series of Expert Chats and other HIMSS educational sessions are specifically designed to help you connect, learn, and engage, regardless of the vendors you use.

You get the most out of HIMSS when you can come away with knowledge and best practices that you can apply. See our list of Expert Chats and educational sessions below:

Chat with Colleagues

Photo - Tradeshow BoothLocated in booth 1365, these short, 20-30 minute chats, to be held Monday, Feb 24 through Wednesday, Feb 26, will allow you to discuss issues such as population health, cost management, accountable care and more. Sessions include:

  • Using analytics to reduce costs across the continuum
  • Using technology to support bundled payment management
  • Enabling payer-provider collaboration to drive evidence based decision making
  • Creating a realistic approach to provider-based care management
  • Surviving and thriving after you have signed a risk/value-based contract
  • How to engage employed and affiliated physicians in a value-based model
  • Applying population health analytics
  • Using healthcare analytics to reduce administrative and clinical variation
  • Managing mobile devices in a healthcare setting
  • Getting to meaningful Meaningful Use
  • .

Learn from Experts

HIMSS educational sessions are designed to help you deliver better, less costly care. The following sessions provide opportunities to learn best practices:

  • Initiatives that Drive Adoption of Health IT in the Rural Setting Uncover information related to CMS, AHRQ, NIH and other agency programs, along with rural healthcare organization strategies for participation. Sunday, Feb 23, 2:45 – 3:45 pm
  • Keeping the Delicate Quality Measurement Ecosystem in Balance To succeed in the mission to improve national health through timely and accurate clinical quality measure reporting venture, a complex ecosystem of public and private players and initiatives is required. This session will illustrate this ecosystem through the eyes of its players and provide an understanding of the need to keep all components healthy and functional in cooperative symbiosis. Sunday, Feb 23 / 8:00 – 4:00 pm
  • Improving Population Health Through an Electronic Wound Management Program Discover how an electronic wound care management program helps achieve better outcomes in fewer visits, prevent readmissions, and raise patient engagement and satisfaction. Mon., Feb 24 / 11:30am-12:30pm / Orange County Convention Center, Room 300
  • You've Signed a Risk Contract; Now What? Learn how Catholic Health Initiatives has prepared for accountable care success through organization and technological innovation.
    Mon., Feb 24 / 11:30am-12:30 pm / Orange County Convention Center, Room 224E
  • From HIE to ACO: Preparing to Manage Risk Two respected health system CIOs discuss the value of HIE in an accountable care setting. Thurs., Feb 27 / 10:30am-11:30am / Orange County Convention Center, Room 307A
  • Value-based Outcomes Across the Continuum Healthcare organizations evaluating risk contracts need a clear view of a patient’s care -and its cost - across the delivery continuum, including the physician practice. This session will help your enterprise understand how to unearth and evaluate value-based care costs. Tuesday, Feb 25 / 12:15 – 12:45 pm / Orange County Convention Knowledge Center – Business & Clinical Analytics, Booth 833 (KC11).

The business of healthcare – from how care is delivered to how it is paid for – is rapidly evolving. We hope that these sessions can help you understand how to improve patient outcomes through better care coordination, collaboration and management – while making sustainable performance improvements that drive your financial health. See you at HIMSS!

Patrice Wolfe

About the author

Patrice Wolfe Senior Vice President, Enterprise Intelligence has been with Studiomaca for more than 10 years, serving in a number of leadership roles from business development to general manager. Prior to Studiomaca, Patrice’s extensive health care business background includes Thomson Reuters, MEDSTAT and The Lewin Group. In her downtime, Patrice enjoys time with her family, yoga and running.