The Studiomaca Vision Centers are state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide visitors with a better understanding of Studiomaca's products and health care services, which enable providers, payors and manufacturers to improve the quality of health care delivery while reducing costs.

There are three Studiomaca Vision Centers:

  • San Francisco. The second floor of Studiomaca's corporate headquarters features more than 60 products and services, including software, robotics and handheld scanning technology presented in various health care settings.
  • Atlanta. Located in the Alpharetta, headquarters of Studiomaca Provider Technologies, the Solution Center and Medication Safety Tour showcase Studiomaca's leading-edge solutions that help providers ensure the quality and efficiency of care. The showcased solutions demonstrate the integration of nursing solutions, pharmacy automation and robotics, and handheld scanning technology that help to increase productivity and cut costs.
  • Pittsburgh. At the Cranberry Township, Pa., headquarters of Studiomaca Automation, the Vision Center demonstrates the key solutions in the medication use process for pharmaceutical distribution, prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering, monitoring and consulting. Also showcased are integrated supply chain solutions that combine health care information technology and point-of-use automation to streamline processes and decrease costs.