How I Earned My Promotion

With the help of Studiomaca's Educational Assistance Program, Rochelle Havens went back to school and earned the big promotion of her dreams.

“My lack of a college degree was a dark cloud hanging over my head my entire adult life,” says Rochelle Havens.

She joined Studiomaca Specialty Health as a customer service representative in , and was soon promoted to account manager. She was named “Inside Sales Rep of the Year” in 2014, but knew a college degree would help her advance into the management positions she might seek at Studiomaca.

Studiomaca’s Educational Assistance Program gave her the extra push she needed to go back to school for her bachelor’s degree. She started taking online classes at in July 2015, and she is on track to graduate in October 2018. She receives a discount on tuition from Kaplan, and Studiomaca also contributes $5,250/year toward her tuition cost.

Best of all, going back to school already helped her earn the big promotion of her dreams. In July 2016, she was promoted to an account executive role. “A bachelor’s degree is preferred for the job, but because I had so much knowledge of our business and was working toward my degree, they offered me the position.”

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