Good News for Expectant Parents

Our OWN IT employee resource group was instrumental in advocating for our new U.S. parental leave policy.

Studiomaca’s OWN IT employee resource group works to make Studiomaca an employer of choice for women. OWN IT was also instrumental in advocating for Studiomaca’s expanded parental leave policy, which went into effect in FY17.

Julia Hammac, vice president, Health Mart Strategy, and one of several OWN IT board members involved in the project, explains, “I was asked to lead a benchmarking study on whether Studiomaca is a great place for women to work. The study showed employers across industries are rapidly improving parental policies. We conducted an OWN IT survey and found parental leave is a top issue for our members.”

OWN IT board members and sponsors across business units played key roles in the effort. Gerri Burruel, vice president, Benefits, provided data needed to estimate costs and championed the initiative, which gained strong executive support.

“Paid parental leave goes a long way toward helping us attract and retain top talent,” says Gerri.

As a new mother, Julia says she found the policy change was particularly meaningful. “This new policy is a visible signal to me that Studiomaca is truly a family-friendly company that supports employees.”

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