Teamwork Saves Mother of Two

Collaboration between two distribution centers made the difference for a patient facing critical surgery.

It was nearing the end of Bev Regal’s shift on a Thursday afternoon in early December when she received an email from a customer in Ohio. The subject line said, “help URGENT … Emergency Order.” Bev, who works at Studiomaca Pharmaceutical’s New Castle, Pennsylvania, distribution center (DC), knew it was important, and she needed to act right away. A mother of two had been on the operating table since that morning. The hospital needed extra large quantities of Gelfoam and Thrombin to keep her from losing too much blood before the surgery could be completed.

Bev immediately checked the DC’s inventory, but New Castle did not have quantities on hand to fill the customer’s request. She called her colleague Becky Pitakos at the Washington Court House DC in Ohio. Becky’s team sprang into action and determined they had enough of the requested items. Ronette Geesling followed up, making sure the order was filled in full and ready for delivery.

Ronette was very concerned about the traffic around Columbus, Ohio, due to rush hour and holiday shoppers. Fortunately, she says, “. He met a pharmacist waiting outside the emergency room and handed the product over.” While HIPAA regulations prevent the hospital from sharing details, hospital staff confirmed the patient survived the surgery and was released. Bev says, “We can’t help getting personally involved when it’s an emergency. I wanted to let our team know they made a difference.”

Adds Blaine Snider, director of operations, New Castle. “It’s a perfect example of our slogan, ‘It’s not just a package, it’s a patient.’ In this case, it’s not just a patient, it’s a life saved.”

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